About Tamra, Founder / Owner

bella and tamDr. Temple grew up in a world of raising and showing St. Bernard dogs. These gentle giants were her first teachers in the art of training and animal communication. Her 40, 50, or even 80lb childhood size was no match for the strength of a full grown Saint and so she learned very early that control doesn’t come through force. It comes through communication and caring. Animals are conscious.

Tamra’s interest in cognitive science has been lifelong.  She studied neuro-biology and computer science at the same time when she was in her late teens, programmed for most of a decade,  was totally disabled in a car accident, but successfully went on to own open a clinic for neuro-muscular, polarity, and craniosacral therapy as well as a state licensed school preparing students for National Certification in Massage Therapy during the first year such certification was established.

She was instrumental in getting a Florida law passed requiring insurance companies to pay for massage therapy when prescribed by a physician. That law, like national certification, has spread throughout the country.

Tamra believes in people, in healing, and in the amazing potential of conscious communication between people and other species. She has fostered children and animals, taken in “mean” parrots (and successfully rehabilitated each one),  and has taught and mentored students all along the way.

Her focus with clients is on building the bond of communication and trust between handler and dog,  then developing and refining the assistance tasks each dog is capable of offering to his or her owner handler.  She uses positive training techniques exclusively and clients are required to do the same. Using pain, fear or intimidation to communicate with (i.e. train) our dogs is not necessary.

She says her dog, Bella, is constantly teaching her new ways she, as a dog, can help and Tamra deeply believes every dog in a relationship of love and caring possesses a similar urge to please their owner.

Recognizing and developing that canine wisdom/heart is at the core of our mentoring service.  Our clients are people intent on developing their relationship with their dogs, whether service dogs or pet dogs or both.