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After “Stay at Home” COVID Time Together

If you’re wondering how your dog will handle you going back to work after you’ve been home together 24/7, the video posted below will give you a practical, easy way to find out in advance if your dogs are going to have a problem being alone when you do go back.

Meanwhile, you can take steps to ease them back into your regular work routine before you do go back by recreating your typical morning routine. Your routine might include setting your alarm before bed, hitting snooze four times (or hopping right up), showering, using social media, standing or sitting to shave or put on make up, etc.

Your routine involves your dog’s other senses too. The aroma of freshly brewed coffee, sounds of a morning news show, music, conversations, etc. Incorporate them as you recreate the actual situation.

Your routine is unique to you — and your dogs are familiar with it. They know any or all of those things usually mean you’ll be leaving the house. And although dogs are more comfortable with predictable situations in life, some dogs begin to stress as soon as they realize you’ll be leaving. Observe your dog as you go through your routine.

If you don’t already, consider using a verbal phrase like “I’ll be back” in a carefree tone of voice each and every time you leave the house and a similar phrase like “I’m back” when you return. Consistency in doing that is one more way for them to feel comfortable about you not being there during the time span between the two verbal phrases.

Since you want to be comfortable leaving them, check out this video. Hopefully it will put your mind at ease.


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