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  • Training Lines

  • Service or Traffic Leash


    The Service or Traffic Lead has a built in handle close to the dog that collapses as the dog walks. This feature prevents the dog from catching their leg in the loop or having it catch on small shrubs as you walk by. This handle give you extra control if you need it while walking your dog or…

  • Hipster Walking/Jogging Belt with Leash


    The Hipster© Walking Belt and Leash is a Hands free tool for walking or jogging. Reflective tape on the belt makes you more visible while walking at night. The inside of the belt is nubby neopryene so it grips your clothing and cannot slip around and around your hips or waist if your dog is extremely active as you are walking or running.

    The Hipster© is a non-slip walking/jogging belt designed for hands free walking of one or two dogs. Mom’s love this as an easy way to walk the dog while they are pushing a stroller. Take the kids and dog out at the same time. The leash attaches to the belt with a heavy duty snap so you may easily unsnap the leash and use it like a regular leash. There is a handle built in to one end of the leash.

    Dog walkers love this product as it is an easy way to walk two dogs at once. An additional leash may be ordered.

    The leashes are adjustable so you can give each dog the length they need as you walk along. If you want a leash in a narrower width than the standard 3/4″, choose the option “Leash with small snaps” You may find the regular snaps are a little large for a small dog. If you are ordering a belt with two leashes and want one with large snaps and one with small snaps, please tell us in the notes section at the end of your order.

  • Balance Harness


    One of the best harnesses on the market, we’re proud to offer the Balance Harness. Lori Stevens of Seattle TTouch, LLC has teamed up with Blue-9 to bring you the Balance Harness, a harness with the fit and quality that Lori has spent years trying to find. The Balance Harness is designed to fit any…