What puppies learn (and don’t learn) during the first months of life is extremely important. It’s impossible to emphasize how important it is. The period of time from birth to five months forms the foundation for later behaviors. Foundations is designed to give you and your pup or newly adopted older dog the very best chance to enjoy many years fun, happiness and harmony. Whether your new four legged companion will be a pet or a service dog, Foundations provides a solid basis for success.

I took the Foundations class although I have three full grown dogs (and they can sure use a lot of training!). I wish I’d taken this class when they were puppies. They’d be a lot better now.  All the concepts that we learned in Foundations apply to full grown dogs too.

Class was great. It was a lot of fun and I’m going forward with the 2nd class.    Deb Cole, Elephant Butte, NM

Foundations I includes six weekly sessions together plus lots of support: You’ll have access to midweek virtual office hours, the Foundations private Facebook group with current and past course participants, training handouts, and weekly class recordings.

Six Month Payment Plan Available at Checkout 

“I have been around dogs all my life (I’m 88 years old).  We usually had two at a time, and raised all but one from pups.  We also shepherded litters of puppies multiple times over the years–Bassett Hounds, German Shorthairs, and Cairn Terriers.  

Last year I took on a Labrador pup as a companion and signed up for the Foundations course. I learned so much!  Her handouts are extremely helpful and the visual demonstrations by Tamra and other class members were ever so helpful.  In fact, we all thought the Foundations course was so valuable that we all signed up for a Foundations II, which was just as great!  I heartily recommend Tamra’s courses.”   Eulalie Brown, Lab  Puppy Owner


Foundations Puppy training for those who want the best start for their pup. Your first months together matter! Six weeks of training, many years of joy with your well behaved, happy family dog.