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Success in Training

Like people, dogs are each unique and have many variables affecting their training, but the most important variable is you.

Your skillAnimals & Wildlife

Your attentiveness

Your consistency

These three, more than anything else, determine whether or not your dogs will reach their full potential and whether or not they will even do very simple behaviors when you ask.

Dog training sessions only take a few minutes a day, but learning happens every moment your dog is awake (and sometimes during their sleep). Use that knowledge to focus on what you are teaching your dog in everyday interactions.

Becoming aware of interactions you and others have with your dog might take some getting used to, but it is the most reliable way to have a well-trained dog.

Ask yourself what am I teaching my dog right now?” as often as you can. The realization that your dog is learning (being trained) all the time is the first tool in your dog training tool kit. It comes with the realization that you get to decide what you would like him to learn and provide the means and opportunity for that to happen.

frotzed2 / Foter / CC BY-SA

You will succeed. Your dog will succeed. And success is the foundation of training.

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