Foundations: For Pups & New Adoptions

Give your new pet a great start fitting in with your lifestyle. Nobody adopts a pet hoping for behavior problems, yet all trainers receive calls for help after they do. Or trainers don’t receive a call and the once cute puppy is rehomed or sent to a shelter. If you have recently adopted an adolescent or adult dog, this course is also for you.

What puppies learn (and don’t learn) during the first months of life is extremely important. It’s impossible to emphasize how important it is. The period of time from birth to five months forms the foundation for later behaviors. Foundations is designed to give you and your pup the very best chance to enjoy many years fun, happiness and harmony.

Don’t miss crucial weeks waiting for your pup to be fully vaccinated. Our weekly zoom sessions allow you to start right away.

Foundations I includes six sessions via Zoom: (Sundays at 12:30EST, 10:30am Mountain, 9:30am Pacific), 24/7 Facebook group access with additional content, Q&A, and support, and Tuesday night office hours via Zoom where you can bring specific questions and concerns or listen in to gain insight from others in class.

Enjoy constant support! Six weeks $225